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Our Success is Measured By Your Success

About InteHealth

At InteHealth, our singular focus is to advance the quality of healthcare for all by delivering integrated healthcare information solutions. We connect patients, doctors, hospitals, and health plans, enabling all constituents within a community to securely communicate and share complete healthcare information.

InteHealth’s true passion is delivering these solutions within the framework of a ‘cost-effective’ business model. This means that we can deliver more functionality at a fraction of the cost of other vendors.

InteHealth is an employee owned company. The only measure of our success is your success.

InteHealth Mission

The three concepts that best encapsulate InteHealth

  • Best value solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Empowerment through the Exchange Platform

More About Us

InteHealth, Inc. began in 1997 as a boutique-consulting firm focusing on customer interfaces for healthcare providers. Even back then, the various silos of information within the healthcare networks prevented the efficient use of data to solve some of the most basic problems such as the sharing of information to reduce the cost of duplicate testing and poor work flow.

In 1997, the Internet was in its infancy; the concept of mobile communications was just emerging; wi-fi was still a promise; and legacy information systems were a generation behind. Today, web 2.0 is robust and flourishing; mobile has advanced dramatically fulfilling it’s promise; wi-fi (while not quite ubiquitous) has replaced most other older forms of broadband connectivity; and legacy information systems are now two generations old.

About InteHealth
Facts about InteHealth solutions in use as of October 2013
  • 82,000,000 interfaced transactions are processed each year by InteHealth systems
  • 20,000 physicians access the systems each year
  • 1,900 sites around the country have implemented InteHealth
  • 400+ application functions can be performed
  • 70+ different healthcare information systems have been integrated
  • 1 platform is the foundation for functionality: the InteHealth Exchange Platform

And hence, the concept of Exchange was born. Our unique architecture allows you to establish a single connection to share information between and among the various stakeholders. This means that a physician practice can, by establishing a single connection, gain access to all data sources throughout the enterprise. And of equal import, through this single connection, data can be moved into the physician practice’s EMR.

In developing the InteHealth Exchange Platform, we built in the flexibility to address each organization’s unique requirements. Embedding a CDR, or EMR lite, into the Exchange Platform rather than offering it as a separate add-on solution accomplished this. Also embedded into the Platform is a five-layer eMPI, which solves most matching issues at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown eMPI.