Exchange Platform

InteHealth Exchange Platform

About InteHealth Exchange Platform

InteHealth Exchange is the most powerful, cloud-based healthcare integration platform that seamlessly connects multiple healthcare information systems.

“As CIO I found myself in situations where none of my core vendors could do it all. Our physicians needed to see patient data that spanned well past any one health information system. Although some organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars to get to one system, few, if any, have enough of their physician community all on one system. InteHealth can bridge that gap.”

-Eric Saff, former SVP & CIO, John Muir Health

Flexible design

InteHealth Exchange Platform is designed to be all this and more:

  • Extremely flexible and highly scalable
  • Capable of handling all types of systems and data elements
  • A foundation for the InteHealth Patient and Physician Portals

Key Benefits

How it works

Once your systems are connected to the KLAS-verified InteHealth Exchange Platform, the Exchange Data Map library of more than 100 interfaces begins the integration with your data sources, whether they are internal, external, legacy or next generation.


The data is transformed to the proper format and all systems are connected, creating a longitudinal patient record, stored in the CDR.

The CDR facilitates real time data transfer to EMRs and other healthcare systems.

And because the InteHealth Exchange Platform is a cloud-based web service that integrates your healthcare data, your IT staff won’t have the burden of installing, configuring or maintaining additional hardware or software. This frees your team to focus on systems dedicated to the final delivery of high quality, efficient care for your patients.