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About InteHealth Patient Portal

InteHealth Patient Portal is an ICSA Lab certified, cloud-based portal that engages patients in a Meaningful way.

InteHealth Patient Portal is built on the InteHealth Exchange Platform which brings together information from a variety of healthcare information sources into one place for secure access via any desktop, laptop, or web-enabled mobile device. It is one of the few Portals certified to be MU2 compliant.

The InteHealth Patient Portal does all this and more for both patients and healthcare organizations:

About InteHealth Physician Portal

Enables Patients to:

  • View electronic health records in a secure and HIPAA compliant environment
  • View bills and make payments
  • Schedule Visits, tests and procedures
  • Receive reminders and alerts
  • Request medication refills
  • View and verify insurance information
  • View, trend, and graph lab results
  • Share health record with family
  • See visit history
  • Mobile access to data
  • Download and email summary records (CCDA)

Enables Healthcare Providers to:

  • Meet MU2 criteria required by ONC
  • Meet compliance with the “50%/5%” MU2 requirements
  • Share electronic health records in a secure, HIPAA compliant solution
  • Securely message patients
  • Provide patient with self-pay billing statements
  • Receive payments from patients made online
  • Reduce phone calls. Receive the following online: -Visit requests -Medication refill requests
  • Determine what data is shared with patient through sophisticated data filtering capabilities
  • Integrate data from other providers using InteHealth’s data Exchange platform
  • Support ACO and Medical Home initiatives

Key Benefits

  • Certified Meaningful Use Stage Two solution
  • Extensive EMR integration with more than 100 vendors
  • Full CCD View, Download and Transmit features
  • Connect to the Direct exchange
  • Comprehensive clinical and financial repository
  • Guaranteed to meet “50%/5%” MU2 requirements 170.314(e)(1) and 170.314(g)(2)
  • Customized forms to meet specific data capture and data routing needs

How it works

How it works

The InteHealth Patient Portal pushes the boundaries of conventional portals by enabling health systems to provide patients with a secure, HIPAA compliant view into their EHR from any web-enabled device.

This portal, branded with your health organization’s logo, will serve as a means of communication between the patient, physician, and health system through a secure messaging and alerting system. With many premium services for both the patient and the health system, the InteHealth Patient Portal will be the springboard into the river of the Healthcare Social Network.

The InteHealth Patient Portal empowers the patient with the ability to track and pay bills, schedule appointments, and refill prescriptions; all online via any web-enabled device. The Patient Portal provides value to healthcare organizations by automating these processes; which in turn permits your physicians, nurses, techs and staff to focus more of their efforts on improving the continuum of care across your health system.

The Patient Portal facilitates your health system’s Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements by utilizing the InteHealth Exchange Platform; a KLAS-verified HIE that creates the secure movement of data between all of the stakeholders in your healthcare organization: physician to patient, physician to physician, patient to the hospital, hospital to the patient, hospital to hospital, hospital to payor, or hospital to government reporting agencies.

With Patient Portal, your health system will be on the leading edge of HIT; engaging and empowering the community to monitor, manage and improve their health, and improving the continuum of care for your patients, physicians, nurses, and all participants within your health system.

How our Patient Portal Works