Physician Portal

InteHealth Physician Portal

About InteHealth Physician Portal

InteHealth Physician Portal is the most flexible, cloud-based physician portal solution, that coordinates and manages the right information needs at the right time.

The InteHealth Physician Portal is built on the InteHealth Exchange Platform providing an intuitive user interface for securely retrieving and viewing patient clinical data from disparate sources, using a single sign-on. It incorporates SSL encryption, device identifiers, logging, certificates and transaction tracking to create a secure environment that meets HIPAA regulations.

Secure and Intuitive Environment

The InteHealth Physician Portal does all this and more in a secure and intuitive environment.

The Competitive Advantage

A physician portal can be a significant competitive advantage as an organization seeks physician loyalty. As physicians become more self sufficient, they require more access to clinical and financial information. InteHealth’s Physician Portal enables your organization to provide web based and mobile access to the data locked in your information systems.

When choosing a physician portal, the return on investment of time and dollars spent may be as important as patient safety and physician productivity. In addition to focusing on solutions that reduce unnecessary tests, reduce medication errors, and shorten length of stay, the InteHealth Physician Portal is designed to be easy to implement, roll out and support, which decreases the costs to the hospital.

Whether this is your first portal, or you are enhancing a current solution, the InteHealth Physician Portal will improve your competitive position by better meeting the needs of your physician staff. As the success of your Physician Portal grows, additional physician workflow components are available from InteHealth to keep your system growing with your organization.

  • Built on the Exchange Platform
  • Accesses any data source
  • Shortens length of stay and improves quality of care
  • Decreases calls to nursing and medical records
  • Eliminates the need for faxing documents
  • Contains embedded CDR and eMPI tools
  • Offers mobile access
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Cost effective
  • Improves productivity

InteHealth Physician Portal Add-Ons

InteHealth has developed several unique applications that can be added to the Patient Portal to enhance its robust nature. These include:


Census provides detailed patient information to providers in workflow-friendly, aggregated formats. Census is organized to meet the workflow demands and may be provided from multiple facilities across an organization, improving the user’s reach beyond a single site.


ChargeCapture captures patient charges for professional services electronically, and submits those charges to their bills management organization. This application expedites the billing process for faster payments, elimination of lost charges, better workflow and satisfaction, and reduced costs.


Connect offers a secure email system for all members of the healthcare team and consumers to communicate electronically without risk of HIPAA violation or exposure of protected health information.


Signout creates a streamlined process between providers when they perform patient “hand-off” at the conclusion of their shift. Signout enables the provider to record any notes or specific instructions for the next shift’s provider electronically on any Internet-enabled computer or device.


Alert is a rules-based clinical notification and alerting system, set up and maintained by the user from any Internet-enabled device. With Alert, the provider establishes their notification criteria and is alerted in real-time when a patient or clinical value meets that criteria.


Discharge allows users from all disciplines to create and continuously update the patient’s discharge record during the patient’s length of stay through any Internet-enabled computer or device.